Goddess Re-Emergence Retreat
Sep 16, 5:00 PM – Sep 20, 9:00 AM
Sedona, AZ 86336, USA


This all woman's retreat is our opportunity to connect, grow, and focus solely on our own self-care

The purpose of a wellness retreat can take on many forms. Many people think of massages, yoga and focus on healthy eating. This retreat is taking you to another level of self-discovery. We want to shake you a little or maybe a lot. The idea is to have an experience that leaves you feeling something new, you've had a massage before but one that focuses on removing emotional blockages while you melt underneath the fingers of a skilled and knowing hand. That is part of what separates this retreat from just another place to do some yoga and meditation. Our ceremonies and rituals are all designed to build upon one another and uplift you emotionally and spiritually. You will walk away feeling yourself, knowing something different about yourself and ready to push it out for all the world to see and touch. You may not become Buddha but you will find some enlightenment and we promise for some things you didn't expect along the way. After all, that is always what happens when you get together with your girls!




The one word that you can use to describe your Yogi and Host “Gi” is transformative. She has lived many lives in this lifetime from a young single mother to a high earning cooperate employee, to yoga instructor, wanderluster and new mom again. She has worked at using her 12 years practicing and teaching yoga to apply to her everyday life and constant evolution as a person and woman. She has learned from all these stages and always faced the light and looks forward to leading you through transformative mediation, discussions and guiding the light into your spirit.


We want to share and connect, creating a caring supportive community focused on lifting one another up. Tell us about you so we can share future events and retreats based on your interests. 



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