Free Your Goddess

Let's Step Out of Our Comfort Zone

This retreat is taking you to another level of self-discovery. We want to shake you a little or maybe a lot. The idea is to have an experience that leaves you feeling something new, you've had a massage before but one that focuses on removing emotional blockages while you melt underneath the fingers of a skilled and knowing hand. Our ceremonies and rituals are all designed to build upon one another and uplift you emotionally and spiritually. You will walk away feeling yourself, knowing something different about yourself and ready to push it out for all the world to see and touch. You may not become Buddha but you will find some enlightenment and we promise for some things you didn't expect along the way. After all, that is always what happens when you get together with your girls!

Discover Magic Again

The first time you step on the red earth of Sedona you feel inspired. There is magic there, everyone tells you that they have felt at different points of experiencing its vortexes are red rocks. It’s a place that makes you want to search for magic and experience life in a way you never have previously. There isn’t much you need other than an open heart and open mind to let in this mystic energy and brighten your inner being.

Get Lifted Together, Our Group Ceremonies Go DEEP!!

Open Your Heart with The Power of Cocoa

Whats dark and silky and always leaves you satisfied while wanting more? Well, of course, Idris Elba is the first to come to mind but a close second is chocolate. There is an innate reason we turn to cocoa when we need something to soothe or uplift our spirits. Cocao, what chocolate derives from, is transformative. It has power and our sacred cacao ceremony harnesses that power to open the heart chakra and receive self-love that will transform our inner being.

Transcend Through Your Heartbeat

Have you ever felt the rhythm of your own heart? That pulsing feeling that sends your life force throughout your body is hypnotic. It's a transcendental force that makes us remember we are alive. Our ancestors connected with this transcendent feeling to elevate themselves to new realms. The use of sacred instruments and ancient rhythms are used during our sonic healing ceremony to transport you into a multidimensional realm. You will ride energetic waves to experience a new life frequency and reconnect with your true self. This sonic body massage will recalibrate your energy to open your chakras to the wisdom of the ancient and help your true power and innate talents to re-emerge.

Walk In Your Divine Power

We have all tested the power and resolve of our guardian angels at some point in life. However we know that they are there to guide us, a Shamanic Journey takes you into the mystic realm of the divine to where your higher self can meet your energetic divine allies and Guardian Angels. You will have the opportunity to learn of your sacred mission and how to reclaim your power and create the life you want and deserve. And if nothing else apologize for that thing you did that one time that only you and your guardian angel know about!

In addition to these intensive experiences, we will have daily gentle yoga and meditation. A gentle practice that helps relax and prepare the body to receive the gifts from the daily ceremonies while opening and aligning your physical self. While yoga has become an intense experience in many ways its original ancient purpose was to prepare the physical body for meditative practices. The potential of having a hot bod was never the intent but could be a nice side effect.

Open and Re-align Your Spirit

How To Make This Happen?

Register online to reserve your spot. There is a limit of 15 participants and to hold your place there is a charge of $400. This is refundable for 30days. After the 30 days, you will be either charged monthly for 6 months leading up to the event until the balance is complete. Or you can pay the remaining balance in full. 

Single occupancy rooms are limited to 4, $1980 (originally $2600) for single occupancy rooms. $1550 (0riginally $2000)for shared occupancy. Register by March 1, 2020, to reserve your spot!

Payments will be accepted through Paypal and invoiced to each registrant from The Ghost Host. When registering for the retreat make your choice of single or shared occupancy, if your choice is not available you will be notified in advance.    

Costs include the retreat includes the above activities, daily meals, and other surprises! 

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